The Friendly Neighbor

                                                               The Friendly Neighbor

Our Mission...
To personally welcome new homeowners and make them more familiar with their new community by marketing the products and services of local business and professionals.

Our Goal...
To be known as a premier marketing company that generates quality and measurable growth along with marketplace saturation for the businesses it serves.

Why Choose The Friendly Neighbor Welcoming Service? 

Our friendly staff extends a warm welcome on your behalf while placing your marketing materials in their hands. We get there first and in person to introduce and promote your business at a critical time in their decision-making process, prior to their becoming acquainted with your competitors. Our personal referrals and "word-of-mouth" delivery is an effective and measurable way to reach new customers. Additionally, The Friendly Neighbor sponsors may elect to link their website with ours, enabling new home buyers to access additional information while at the same time naturally boosting your websites search engine ranking. 

 Why target New Homeowners?
• 40 Million families move every year, or 20% of the American population.
• New homeowners spend approximately $110 Billion annually on home-related goods and services
• Most household buying decisions and preferences are made within the first 90 days after move-in
• New homeowners spend more in the first six months than their established neighbors do in three years.
• They have no shopping loyalties and are eager to receive information for products and services they need.
• New homeowners are 5 times more likely to become a new long term customer of your business than an already existing resident.
• Once a new homeowner has set preference on a business there is only a 3% chance that the homeowner will change their mind and switch to a competitor.
• With Walter Reed closing and the subsequent special care unit being completed at Ft Belvoir, the number of new homeowners over the next 3 years is expected to jump significantly. 

How Do I Track My Results?
Each month sponsors receive a prospect list of all new homeowners we visited on their behalf. This list will include the: name, address, subdivision, and when available phone number, and e-mail address. Businesses can track the number of welcome baskets given out each month, while cross-referencing the prospect lists and their new client lists. These lists may be used to promote sales, merchandising events, clearances, seasonal specials, and events.

 What is the cost to become a sponsor?
• The Advertising rate for business or professional services is $2.00* per visit.
• Sponsors are also required to provide us with their marketing materials such as a brochure, gift certificate or coupon offer (a measurable incentive for tracking purposes) and a housewarming "promotional" gift. For example an Auto Body Repair shop might supply a brochure, a coupon for a free car detail, and a promotional key chain with the business name and phone number printed on the side as a free gift to the homeowner.
• Call us today because for a limited time we are running some great promotional offers and you can get started off at a significantly discounted rate.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Due to the fact that new homeowners are extremely busy people it can take a few months before you start seeing results. For this reason we require at least a 3 month contract so you can allow some time for you to really see results. After your contract expires you will simply be on a month to month contract that you can cancel at any time with 30 days notice.
We recommend taking a look at our 6 month and 1 year contracts as you will stay "locked-in" at the promotional rate of your contract even after it converts to a month to month contract. The rate you lock in at will be the rate you are charged for as long as you are a sponsor.

*Promotional rate through December 31, 2009